Glass-magnesium board production line

Glass-magnesium board production line

Glass magnesium board equipment
Equipment category: Provide materials part, produce board part, delivery part, enter board part, cut edge part.
Equipment output: 1.7 million/year

Raw materials: Magnesium, magnesium chloride, perlite, sawdust, nonwovens, glass cloth
Glass magnesium board equipment contribution conditions
Frequency pressure equipment rooms capacity
50Hz 380V 1.7millionM2 12M*80M
/9M*40M 10KW-15KW
Planning of glass magnesium board rooms

Glass magnesium board consumption comparable table
Names of materials Each dosage
Magnesium 2.978
Magnesium chloride 1.23
Non-wovens 0.85
Glass cloth 1.05
Perlite 0.62
Sawdust 0.647
Take 1200mm*2400mm*8mm Glass magnesium board an example
Process of glass magnesium board production

Put quantitative magnesium, magnesium chloride, perlite, sawdust, nonwovens, glass cloth into the blender.
Molding transmission:
Non-wovens, glass cloth into the forming machine after opened. Molds are prepared on the platform of forming machine. Slurry fall into the mold and enter the forming machine. The standard glass magnesium boards are squeezed on the forming machine. Then cut into the needed length by fixed-cutting machine, turn to the lateral shift system through transferring system, enter the oxidation room.

Put the oxidation glass magnesium board into water for dehalogenation treatment.
After dehalogenation, full-automatic fixed-cutting machine finished fix-cutting, packaging, stacking and transported to a packing tested district. All process end.

Product Origin:China  
Model Number:BMB004  
Brand Name:DongFeng  

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